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Musique Tropical

You'll hear: Caribbean

Major 1

DJ Major 1 is the host of Musique Tropical on KYRS.

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Random Access
RANDOM ACCESS is a wildly unpredictable, free-form rock radio show heard every Monday night from 8-10 pm on Spokane's only commercial-free, all-volunteer community station, KYRS - THIN AIR RADIO at 92.3 FM and 89.9 FM and on the web. Hosted by Mike and Dan, RANDOM ACCESS spins exciting underground rock, independent rock & pop, experimental stuff, and what we sometimes refer to as "the unheard rock" that is, the stuff you will NEVER, EVER hear on commercial radio stations. They're chicken. We're fearless. And we're quite prepared to prove it to you each and every week. Get set to hear music that may change the way you look at the world forever. This stuff might even save your life — it did that for us. Just tune in and find out. Left of the dial.

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