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What's a podcast?

In our case, a podcast is a collection of audio files (in MP3 format) made available on our website for downloading via an automatic "feed." If you subscribe to this feed, you will be automatically notified when new audio has been added.

What do I need to listen to a podcast?

To listen to any audio podcast you need podcast subscription software and an audio player. iTunes and Juice (formerly iPodder) are two of the more popular options, but there are many different brands available. Keep in mind that some podcast software only downloads the files, so a separate audio player is required (WinAMP, Windows Media Player, etc.).

Most modern browsers are capable of displaying podcasts; however, browsers will not automatically download the audio files to your computer and also require separate audio players.

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

The method for subscribing to a podcast varies with the software. Below are instructions for a few of the more common solutions.

To subscribe to a podcast in iTunes, click the advanced menu and select "Subscribe to Podcast." In the window that opens, type or paste the address of the podcast.

Firefox & Internet Explorer (latest versions)
In either of these browsers, simply click on the link to the podcast or click the RSS subscription button that appears in your browser address window or toolbar (look for the same orange icon next to the podcast link above). Whichever path you take, you'll be directed to the podcast where you can listen to the audio (player required), download the files, and subscribe to the feed (which creates a bookmark for that feed).


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Detention is a variety music/talk show for teens by teens. This show is produced by the students of West Valley City School. We broadcast live every Monday from 2-3 p.m. If you're tired of listening to adults all the time, then STOP! And start listening to the kids!

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